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Casa do Mancha, 2012, por Thalita Aguiar

Casa do Mancha, São Paulo, 2012, by Thalita Aguiar

Hello! Bonifrate is a modern bard from Paraty, Brazil. He also sang and played guitar with brazilian psychedelic bands Supercordas, Digital Ameríndio & American Bigfoot Mouse Mouse Joe and Simplício Neto & Os Nefelibatas.

You can listen to the music at our Bandcamp Page, or simply click the album covers on your right.

You can watch the videos at the Bonifrate Youtube Channel.

You’ll soon be able to buy Museu de Arte Moderna and Um Futuro Inteiro on 12″ vinyl at our shop (you can ask for it filling the form below).

You can also scroll down and read the biography or contact Bonifrate through the form below.

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Bonifrate a.k.a. Pedro Franke began writing songs in the mid nineties at the Brazilian wetlands of Paraty. After a couple of reckless lo-fi experiments, he recorded the independent EP ‘Sapos Alquímicos na Era Espacial’ (Alchemical Frogs in the Space Age, 2002), playing all the instruments himself. Since 2003, the bard has been ahead of the popular Brazilian psychedelic group Supercordas, but his solo project kept growing with the celebrated mini-album ‘Os Anões da Villa do Magma’ (The Dwarves of Magma Village) in 2007.

 His LP ‘Um Futuro Inteiro’ (An Entire Future) came out through Cloud Chapel Records (São Paulo) in june 2011, with a more dense atmosphere than that of its whimsical foregoers, built upon songs about love, time and the lack of both.

The record was a unanimous hit for the local indie press, and therefore many concerts have been played since then, with a fluid set of musicians that includes a few Supercordas’ members and other friends. A vinyl reissue is out through Dom Pedro Records (Brasília).

 The following album ‘Museu de Arte Moderna’ (Museum Of Modern Art) shows a more diverse sound and heavier beats, but remains the tradition of home recordings. The album was released as a free download through Vice/Noisey in september 2013, and has been critically acclaimed by Brazilian indie press since then, figuring in many lists of best albums of the year in Brazil and Latin America. It was released on vinyl through Balaclava Records in 2014.

 ‘Toca do Cosmos’ EP (2014) showed versions of indie and obscure brazilian artists, not necessarily bands active in the scene, but very admired by Pedro. The cassete tape can be ordered at the Balaclava Records shop.

In 2016, Bonifrate collaborated with fellow brazilian artists Boogarins on their single “Elogio à instituição do cinismo”.

 ‘Lady Remédios’ EP came out digitally in 2017, with five songs about the city of Our Lady Of The Remedies Of Paraty.

Here is a cool english review of 2 records, by American site Space Rock Mountain.


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