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Casa do Mancha, 2012, por Thalita Aguiar

Casa do Mancha, São Paulo, 2012, by Thalita Aguiar

Hello! Bonifrate is a modern bard from Paraty, Brazil. He also sang and played guitar with brazilian psychedelic bands Supercordas, Digital Ameríndio & American Bigfoot Mouse Mouse Joe and Simplício Neto & Os Nefelibatas.

You can listen to the music at our Bandcamp Page, or simply click the album covers on your right.

You can watch the videos at the Bonifrate Youtube Channel.

The new album Corisco will be out 9th July on US label Overseas Artists Recordings, stream and vinyl formats.

You can also scroll down and read the biography or contact Bonifrate through the form below.

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Bonifrate is the musical moniker of Pedro Franke, born in Rio de Janeiro and grown up in Paraty, a small coastal town where he began his adventures in sound after acquiring an old 4-track machine. His first EP, the lo-fi Sapos Alquímicos na Era Espacial, was recorded in 2002. The following year in Rio, Pedro formed the psychedelic band Supercordas (2003-2016), while still recording and performing as Bonifrate. The first full length Os Anões da Villa do Magma came out in 2007 through legendary underground São Paulo label Open Field/Peligro.

The 2011 album Um Futuro Inteiro had a warm reception from press and audience, and had Pedro playing even more gigs as a solo artist than with the band.  He moved back to Paraty in 2012 to start working as a historian in a public museum. Since then, he’s released the albums Museu de Arte Moderna (2013) and Mundo Encoberto (2019), and the EPs Toca do Cosmos (2014) and Lady Remédios (2017), all recorded and mixed at home by himself.

Bonifrate recently formed the Guaxe duo with Dinho Almeida (Boogarins). Their first LP came out in 2019 through OAR.

The fifth studio album by Bonifrate is called Corisco and it will be out 9th June 2021 through Overseas Artists Recordings (USA).

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